Saturday, February 28, 2009

Society Rules of Engagement


Society Meeting
Date: Friday, February 27th
Time: 8:00 pm
Place: Bar Ware, Herndon

Subject: The subject of our first meeting shall be the Mojito. There shall be no mixes. Classic interpretations or modern alternatives are to be explored.

The Rules:
(1) There are no losers, for we will all be drinking.
(2) Mixologists must prepare a minimum of four cocktail portions, to allow for enough judges, and perhaps to share with observers.
(3) Each Mixologist will score all drinks except his/her own creation.
(4) Each Mixologist must provide his own ingredients and any special equipment.
(5) Each drink must have a name (see also 6.c.) and a written recipe provided for the Archives of the Society.
(6) Scoring shall be as follows (cards will be provided by The Society). A drink may receive a maximum score of 10, comprised of:
a. Taste: 1 – 6 Points
b. Presentation: 1-3 Points
c. Shizzle: 0 – 1 Point (shizzle accounts for unique ingredients, drink production , drink name, etc.)

Hosts shall provide bar ingredients, equipment, glasses, etc. However if your presentation (6.b) or production (6.c) require something unique, BYO.

For inspiration, see Mixology Monday on the interwebs:

Mixology Monday, aka MxMo

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