Saturday, March 21, 2009


In many ways, Laura's drink was the most inventive.  While using conventional mojito ingredients (rum, lime, mint), her MoTeaTo added tea, by way of Firefly, and the presentation was like no other mojito you've ever seen!  These were enough to garner alot of Shizzle points, along with strong scores for Taste and Presentation.

A bit of spur of the moment experimentation yielded two versions of the MoTeaTo:  Laura's original chilled MoTeaTo and a warmed version.  Both were outstanding with tasting notes of "mighty good", "good warm and chilled", "wonderful presentation" and "nice tea flavor". 

7 Mint leaves
2 tsp sugar
1 Lime
1 oz Cruzan white rum
1.5 oz Firefly (tea infused vodka)
Club Soda to finish

1.  Muddle mint leaves with sugar and the juice of one lime and a splash of club soda.

2.  Add ice, rum, and Firefly.  Shake.

3.  Place slice of lime at bottom of tea cup.  Strain MoTeaTo mixture over. 

4.  Top with Club Soda and serve!

The MoTeaTo is a distinctive drink with a great flavor balance among the mint, citrus, and tea.  Serve it chilled as shown above or warmed depending on your tastes and the occasion.

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