Monday, March 2, 2009

The Society Throwdown #1: The Mojito

On Friday, February 27th, the charter members of The Society met for the first Throwdown at Bar Ware in Herndon, VA. The subject of the Throwdown: the Mojito.

The classic mojito is comprised of five ingredients: lime, mint, sugar, soda, and of course, white rum. The origins of this drink, like most classic cocktails, is disputed. Many believe it originated in 19th century Cuba, while others place it's origin well back in the 16th century. We decided it was time to take a fresh look at this classic.

The mojito fit nicely with the charter of the society because you cannot take shortcuts and make an acceptable mojito. Making a mojito requires muddling, or mashing the limes and mint to release their juices and oils. And, many variations are possible as you shall see.

Four mixologists participated in Society #1: Mojito. Scoring was conducted, in accordance with the Rules, and the scores are presented by each drink. Over the next few posts, each drink will be detailed.

First, a bit about the Rules. We made an in process change to the Rules, allowing 0.5 point scores for Shizzle. As you will see in the coming posts, Shizzle was a hotly contested point, and it felt like a partial point was needed. Judges rated Taste, Presentation, and Shizzle, and offered additional Tasting Notes for each drink.

First Place: Sour Patch Mojito
Mixologist: Michael

Second Place: Muddled Thunder
Mixologist:  Ellis and Zoe

Third Place: Mo-tea-to
Mixologist:  Laura

Fourth Place: Cranberry Mojito
Mixologist: Bryan

Trust me, the competition was tough and as promised, there were no losers.  We all drank and therefore we all won!  Stay tuned for preparation instructions and tasting notes on each drink over the coming posts.

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