Thursday, April 2, 2009

A few thoughts about Shizzle

Shizzle is a fairly new concept in cocktail culture, but it is quickly spreading and is all the rage in Omaha, Waterloo, and even Tampa. Despite its recent popularity, it is not well understood among novices or pros. This short note is intended to clear up a few misconceptions about Shizzle so that we can all appreciate it better.

Shizzle is not about Taste.  Taste is all about the flavor, strength, spiciness, sweetness and overall yumminess of a drink.  This, of course, is the most important characteristic of a cocktail.

Shizzle is not about Presentation.  Presentation is all about how the drink looks in the glass, how it is garnished, its color, maybe even the way it is prepared and served.

No, Shizzle is something more.  It is about the completely unexpected. ALL good drinks should look nice and taste great.  A drink with Shizzle makes a sound.  Or it has flames shooting out.  It has a neon glow.  Or a fish swimming in it.  Something that goes well beyond anything you can reasonably expect.

And thus, Shizzle points are not gimme points.  They must be hard won points reserved for something spectacular.  If you've been there and done that before, there is no Shizzle.  If you can buy it in the liquor store, there is no Shizzle.  If, on the other hand, there's a smile that won't go away and if you can't stop saying, "Wow," we have found that most holy of all cocktail characteristics.....we have been served a bit of Shizzle.  Imbibe!!!

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